Phil Toledano

In addition to being a photographer and multimedia artist, Phil is an avid collector. He collects cars, he collects art, he collects memorabilia, and, of course, he collects watches. More importantly though, he’s one of those collectors who always wants… Read More ›

Resisting the obvious

I spotted the Omega Speedmaster 326. in a store window yesterday for the princely sum of £2,800. That is actually priced about right for what it is, with box and papers, and I continued to stare for some time. It… Read More ›


Obviously there’s much more to the Model 1 than the dial, but everything on this watch is there to show off the enamel, and with good reason. Very few materials achieve the depth of color that enamel does, and, given… Read More ›

Double wristing

A few weeks ago, Nicholas Kenyon and I got into a bit of a row over whether it was a crime or indeed sublime to double wrist a mechanical wristwatch and an Apple Watch. Kenyon was firmly in the sublime… Read More ›

My first watch

We figured it would be fun to hear from all of the editorial team on what watch got them headed towards being part of the HODINKEE staff. So, without further pretense, here is the abbreviated history of each editor’s first… Read More ›

The Yema Superman Heritage

Designed to be an indestructible diving watch, it was subsequently chosen to equip France’s Air Force pilots in the 1970s. With its deliberate vintage look, this historic tool-watch is available in 39mm and 41mm with a wide selection of straps…… Read More ›