Every Omega James Bond Watch

This rather came out of leftfield for even the most seasoned Bond-ologists: a limited edition Seamaster 300M, produced to mark the half-century since George Lazenby picked up a Walther PPK (and a beige cardigan) for his only outing as 007…. Read More ›

The Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Divers

Many technologies are used to make watches water resistant, but the truly revolutionary step was adding an inner bezel that times the dive, and those timekeeping instruments became irreplaceable underwater. Everything about those watches was designed to create the highest… Read More ›

What is a ‘counterfeit’ watch?

Three-year old laCalifornienne has found fans – and stockists – across the globe thanks to its “magnificently, entrancingly bright, colorful, and fun” pieces, as jewelry and watch site JCK describes them. However, one company, in particular, is not keen on… Read More ›


A History of Time shows a visual history of iconic timepieces through time in 49 intricately detailed hand-illustrations. Over 8 weeks we showcased watch illustrations from some of the most iconic brands and historic timepieces over the past century in… Read More ›

The Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic

Our Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli knows what makes Timex tick better than anyone. That’s why we asked him to create the most “Timex” Timex ever made, a watch that combines our shared love of quality, accessibility and great design…. Read More ›