30 mm Chronometer by Erich Lexer

Before we take a closer look at Erich Lexer’s 30 mm Chronometer, let’s have a look at its “protagonist”. Omega produced the 30 mm caliber from 1939 until 1963. The book deals with this movement’s chronometer-certified version, which had a… Read More ›

The “resilience” issue

The new issue of Europa Star is devoted to the theme of “resilience”. Resilience of people, brands, technologies and networks in the face of a pandemic with consequences on an unprecedented scale. The issue that immediately follows will be the… Read More ›

Watch Macro Photography

Watch macro photos simply reveal the true beauty of a watch, or, occasionally, the not so perfect craftsmanship. Thankfully that rarely happens but through the years only a few blemishes have crossed my lens. When this is something you don’t… Read More ›

Hodinkee Magazine

My son paid to ship over volume 5 of Hodinkee Magazine as a Christmas present and I was touched at the thought that he put in to the gift. I have, however, to this point not subscribed because the pricing… Read More ›