The Buren MinStop

Speaking both to my longstanding love of quirky charm and my problematic and ever-worsening proclivity for gold watches, this gorgeous little Buren really hit a bullseye when I got it in January of last year. At 37mm wide, 42mm lug… Read More ›

What Is ‘Time Blindness’?

Time blindness is a term coined by doctors who treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Ari Tuckman, a Pennsylvania-based psychologist who specializes in ADHD, said adults typically develop an innate awareness of time and an ability to track… Read More ›

The Effect Of Gerald Genta

The Royal Oak was a marine-themed luxury lifestyle watch inspired by Genta’s lifelong fascination with boats. What made boat design interesting to a generation of European-educated creatives such as Genta was their dual focus on utility and aesthetics. To be… Read More ›

An Interview With Jupp Philipp

Although the trip bought me two weeks in isolation, it turned out to be worth it. So now, Corona-free and enjoying the view from my bedroom window, I’d like to share with you our conversation. Fortis is a fascinating brand with an… Read More ›

Resisting the obvious

I spotted the Omega Speedmaster 326. in a store window yesterday for the princely sum of £2,800. That is actually priced about right for what it is, with box and papers, and I continued to stare for some time. It… Read More ›