When Money’$ Not Enough

Michael Hickcox, an avid watch collector and CEO of executive search company Expedition Partners, says that Patek Philippe allocates lesser models to new customers. “They want to hook you,” Hickcox explains. “People who try to go to the top straight… Read More ›

Illegible Watches

Brands might consider a striking design that sells watches to be “successful.” More than something that catches your eye in a retail environment, however, a watch is something you live with, that accompanies you through the day like few other… Read More ›

Where is watch design heading?

For this installment of “by Seiko watch design”, we present something a little different: a discussion on the possibility of watch design with designers outside the company who are active in the realm of art. The participants are Mr. Hokuto… Read More ›

My Watch Story

Ever wanted to produce, direct, and star in your own watch video, and be featured on HODINKEE? Well, here’s your chance. Now that Watch Madness is over, we wanted to keep the storytelling spirit of Talking Watches going, but this… Read More ›

Time for some reading

Europa Star has recently published a superb selection of articles and I would recommend checking them all out. You may also want to subscribe because the volume of content available is insane. Here is a small selection of the latest… Read More ›

Rolex and the Date Window

Before the Datejust came along, the elements and technology to make it possible were already in place and in use by various watch companies. Calendar watches would often display the date around the dial’s periphery with a centrally mounted hand… Read More ›