The Watch Chosen By The CIA

If you know something about aircraft, you probably recognize this one immediately – only you might think it’s the very closely related plane made for the Air Force, the famous SR-71 Blackbird. This, however, isn’t the SR-71, but the Lockheed… Read More ›

Has Rolex gone too far?

I visited a couple of authorised Rolex dealers today to check on the situation regarding a white dial Oyster Perpetual 39. The end result was expected, but still disappointing. Having just visited a Watchfinder store where I spotted a GMT… Read More ›

Vintage gold watches

I recently bought a vintage gold Avia Incabloc watch for not much money at all and I have been more than surprised by how I feel about it. It is quite small and very thin, at least in comparison to… Read More ›

Trying to avoid Rolex…

Throughout my growing love of watches there has never been a moment when Rolex has figured in my path to enjoying the perfect ‘one watch collection’. There are many reasons for this including the price, the designs which feel too… Read More ›