The Bulova Computron

The modern incarnation of the Computron pays tribute to the classics from the ’70s and ’80s while adding just enough new watchmaking tech to appeal to a new generation. The case is still the unusual trapezoid, and the screen is… Read More ›

The Watch Chosen By The CIA

If you know something about aircraft, you probably recognize this one immediately – only you might think it’s the very closely related plane made for the Air Force, the famous SR-71 Blackbird. This, however, isn’t the SR-71, but the Lockheed… Read More ›

Has Rolex gone too far?

I visited a couple of authorised Rolex dealers today to check on the situation regarding a white dial Oyster Perpetual 39. The end result was expected, but still disappointing. Having just visited a Watchfinder store where I spotted a GMT… Read More ›