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  • Ressence & Sotheby’s Design Competition’s Winning Watch

    Speaking about the competition, Ressence founder and CEO Benoît Mintiens said, “Letting our community have the final say and be part of our project felt like the right thing to do. During the selection process, we discussed the feasibility of… Read More ›

  • The Tutima M2 Coastline Chronograph

    The deep-set dial features a sloping chapter ring for the minutes/seconds with clear white markings and Arabic numerals. The thick rectangular hour markers printed on the dial are shortened at 12 o’clock to accommodate the 30-minute elapsed time counter, at… Read More ›

  • The ’80s watch is back

    Instead it was a time of simpler pleasures. As it was, 1984 bequeathed us some memorable milestones in popular culture. It was the year in which colour television finally got the show it was waiting for, Miami Vice: all pastel… Read More ›

  • 30 mm Chronometer by Erich Lexer

    Before we take a closer look at Erich Lexer’s 30 mm Chronometer, let’s have a look at its “protagonist”. Omega produced the 30 mm caliber from 1939 until 1963. The book deals with this movement’s chronometer-certified version, which had a… Read More ›

  • The Dietrich Perception Watch

    When Emmanuel Dietrich designed the Perception, his goal was not only to explore his interest in “biomorphic” industrial design, but also to more specifically play with how time is displayed. It is worth noting that one of the highest callings… Read More ›

  • Elvis Presley’s Rolex

    My favourite Elvis watch comes from his debauched Vegas years: the Rolex King Midas designed by none other than Gérald Genta of Nautilus and Royal Oak fame. Genta often took inspiration from unlikely sources and integrated them into the design… Read More ›

  • People Who Wear Watches Really Are Superior Humans

    Briefly, the initial study found that, “participants who identified themselves as regular watch wearers rated themselves as significantly more conscientious when compared with controls. We also observed that watch wearers scored lower in extraversion, agreeableness and openness, but higher on… Read More ›

  • One week with the Oris Divers 65

    My second Divers 65 from Oris has proved to be a much more positive experience than my first, and my first was pretty damn positive. For whatever reason I am finding myself appreciating it more and more each day, and… Read More ›

  • Brands: Casio

    These are mere random thoughts on watch brands which I am writing purely from my experience and perspective, which is no doubt different from yours. Feel free to add your thoughts if you think I am talking nonsense. Writing about… Read More ›

  • The “resilience” issue

    The new issue of Europa Star is devoted to the theme of “resilience”. Resilience of people, brands, technologies and networks in the face of a pandemic with consequences on an unprecedented scale. The issue that immediately follows will be the… Read More ›