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  • McGST

    No one cares much about blogs anymore. That is a fact in a time when YouTube, TikTok and Instagram gain all of the attention. Blogs, in particular ones run by individuals are mere curiosities in an online world dominated by… Read More ›

  • The Seiko SNE545P1

    Advertise your unrivaled sophistication with this elegant timepiece for Gents from Seiko. An ingenious solar powered movement follows years of expert watchmaking and design. A black dial houses the impeccably designed mechanism under this gorgeous timepiece. The watch features: Central… Read More ›

  • A Retro-Inspired Stopwatch

    Boasting vibrant prime colors of red and yellow, the stopwatch comes with a thick structure that playfully mimics that of vintage models — the overall shape of the piece is fashioned after G-SHOCK’s classic HS-70W-1JH. The piece comes with red… Read More ›

  • Innovation: spitting out water

    When I have used this feature the amount of water coming out is barely noticeable, but in the video above you get to see how clever the feature really is. That is watch innovation for sure.

  • I am so glad I didn’t buy a Speedmaster

    Just before lockdown I was incredibly close to buying an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch at retail. It grabbed me for a moment, but I walked out of the store and 3 months later I am ‘so’ glad I avoided temptation. Here… Read More ›

  • A potential fitness solution for watch owners?

    The new film developed at UCLA is similar to a sweat-sensing wristband from UC Berkeley we looked at back in 2016, but is a significantly streamlined version. It also measures glucose and lactate, but is thin enough to slip beneath… Read More ›

  • Double-signed watches / CEH and the Beta 21

    Got some time free? If so, you will want to check out these two articles. Yes, you will- As one of the more storied brands on our list, it only seemed right that we start with Tiffany & Co. Founded… Read More ›

  • A lighter lockdown feels like delaying the inevitable

    I wrote the following for Lost In Mobile, but it does fit here as well. On the one hand luxury good like watches will always be bought in person, but on the other the experience feels extremely impersonal when you… Read More ›


    The first in a new series of watches celebrating Oris’s roots in the Swiss village of Hölstein is an all-bronze version of the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph. The watch’s warm tone is matched by the smiling Oris Bear on the case… Read More ›

  • New Grand Seiko GMTs

    This timepiece achieves unparalleled functionality as the rotating 24-hour bezel—simultaneously displays three different time zones. The design has a profound presence, while still maintaining the traditional shine of a classic Grand Seiko model. Combined with a tough exterior, water resistant… Read More ›