Vintage watches in Brussels

My wife and I visited Belgium last week and of course it would not be me if I didn’t take he opportunity to check out some watches I may not get to see otherwise. The plan was to visit just one shop and Vintage Today Watches was the one when we were in Brussels.

I checked out a few times before the visit and just knew I had to take a look and following a decent walk from the centre of the city I found the shop, courtesy of Google Maps, sat in an unassuming manner o the side of the street.

After being let in I was surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of vintage watches of many a variety ranging from Omega to Bulova to Rolex interspersed with a few Seikos and many other brands I had not heard of before. Finding new brands is a good thing of course, but it did bring home to me how much I do not know about the history of watches, and that as it transpires is a lot.

Indeed, it was almost overwhelming and my wife and I spent some time in the store trying on watches, discussing brands and learning a lot from the incredibly helpful owner who was a joy to talk to. He provided so much information that was relevant to my needs and I left the store feeling guilty that I had not bought a watch.

I could have bought so many, but on that day I chose not to. The pricing is competitive and I suspect you could haggle a little on some models and if you are looking for something outside of the obvious timepieces that dominate so much of the watch world I suggest you take a look if you are in the area.

Vintage Today Watches is a must visit if you are anywhere local on a given day and my next thought may be to make a purchase online. It’s an understated store with a unique range of pieces and a brilliant owner. Take a look for yourself.

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