The One Watch Collection

It is a dream. To own one watch and to enjoy it every day, and to not consider replacing it. Welcome to my world. HAHAHAHAHA!

When watches become a ‘thing’ to you it is all too easy to go on a many year hunt for the timepiece that will fulfil your needs, both practically and emotionally. You can spend a fortune on watches ranging from £100 to £1,500 and above, and then carry on doing so in a fruitless search for the perfect watch.

You can fool yourself into believing that you are a collector of watches and that by somehow owning a handful that you wear in a ‘rotation’ you are doing a good thing and enjoying the hobby.

For some this is enjoyable and for some it makes perfect sense to wear a different watch every day. However, isn’t this just diluting the amount of time a watch is worn for and thus diluting the value? Yes, it is true that there is no such thing as the perfect watch, but just maybe there is a ‘perfect watch for you’ out there.

My perfect watch was always the Tudor Black Bay Heritage (red bezel) and it was the watch I aspired to own when I first became seriously interested in watches. It was a watch that I never thought I would own, but following purchase after purchase my wife eventually bought it for me.

My habit has been cured instantly and many months later it remains on my wrist to the point that I can finally appreciate it.

You see, appreciating a watch does not come from buying it, wearing it for a week and admiring the design and mechanical aspects of it. True appreciation comes from becoming so familiar with it that it becomes a part of you. And you know it is the right watch for you when you still take a slightly longer glance every time you check where you are in the day.

Think about it, vintage watches sell for much more if they have been worn and if they have paperwork and documentation that gives evidence to the lives they have led. The lives they have led with someone else which sounds a little strange when written down. Why not make your own vintage watch, your own small marks and damage to the case, your own experiences that you can remember through a watch?

All of that sounds great, but I realise that you do need to find the perfect watch in the first place and that is far from easy. From the moment you get in to watches there are too many to choose from and so much variety that perfection becomes a mixture of everything you have already seen and as such is almost unobtainable.

The only way is to be hard on yourself, spend as much money as you can (possible more than you should) on a watch that used to feel out of reach and to have the sheer value of it force you to continue wearing it. That way it is possible to end up with a one watch collection.

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