For many, a watch is an important and vital part of their day-to-day style, with it being used as a fashion accessory as opposed to a purely functional device. However, why does the positioning of the watch have to be limited to the user’s wrist? Luup addresses this question by cleverly adapting to the user’s wearing habits. As opposed to the thick band that we are used to seeing on more conventional designs, Luup features two pieces of narrow rope that beautifully, and satisfyingly, connect to one another. This method of attachment allows the watch to be worn as a pocket watch, around the user’s neck or in the regular position on their wrist… More here.

I do like it when attempts are made to bring something completely new to watch design, and specifically to add new ways to wear a watch. Not sure of the way Luup attaches to the wrist, but the actual watch case is lovely.

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