Retro is great, but…

Since we have a huge passion in classic rock music, we curated the ‘Rock for Vintage’ collection. Every detail in our watch is a nod to the features of classic music instruments. The original microphone featured a case design, juke music box featured a dial design and classic speaker featured a case back design at its core, equipped with a reputable Japanese automatic watch movement. Besides, we also offer interchangeable Italian calf leather strap and Milanese strap for you to choose… More here.

The Rock for Vintage collection from Lecronos looks splendid in the marketing snaps (Kickstarter) and the watches are certainly original, but a part of me cannot help thinking that they may be a little over the top when on the wrist. It is so easy to buy a watch that looks great from a distance and to then regret it as soon as you put it on.

The Bronze Blue Angels’ (above) seems to be a little more subdued, but even then I am not convinced it wouldn’t look a little too much when out and about. The balance is so difficult to achieve and it seems that only the likes of Seiko and above manage it well.

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