How overpriced is this watch?

Compact, yet robust in build, the Marine Grade Stainless steel case at a stately yet wearable 43mm diameter, with beautifully crafted piston-like pushers and the slight lines of a pumpkin style crown create a shape that is traditional yet unique in its own take on the definition of classic watchmaking.

With the Earnshaw brand stamped boldly in middle of case-back, the see-through case back gives a close look at the carefully customized rotor of the famed 25 jewel Sellita – SW 500 movement.

The Thomas Earnshaw ES-0033 is £3,250.

Judging if a watch is overpriced or if it represents good value can often cause lots of division and a variety of opinions. However, in the case of the ES-0033 I suspect 99.999% of people who understand watches will say that it is grossly overpriced.

This video gives you an idea of what it looks like in real life and remarkably it actually looks less appealing the more you look at it. The SW500 movement can be found in much cheaper watches from better brands, you can buy a Tudor Black Bay and have +£500 left over and you can also get a very good Omega for the same price. Is this overpriced? Of course it is, without any doubt at all.

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