And the best watch podcast is…

The answer to the above question is obviously subjective and we will all disagree on what should be classed as the best. I have, however, spent a lot of time listening to watch podcasts because I am sad and love all things horological to a scary level. I shall start with the ones I really like, but which did not quite take the top spot.

Hodinkee Radio – this is the obvious place to start because Hodinkee is, well, Hodinkee. The quality of the audio and the knowledge of the guests is quite superb, but at times there is a sense of repetitiveness and it is a little ‘up itself’ if you know what I mean. I really do like the show and look forward to my weekly listen on the work commute, but with a little part of me feeling that they are speaking to other people who have a lot more money than I do.

The Grey Nato – this is the podcast I have listened to for the longest and it remains up there for me in terms of keeping me going throughout the entire episode. Over time, however, it does get a little flat in terms of the subjects covered and the nerdery involved. It has recently been taken over by the Hodinkee company and I sense a change since that time, but that may just be me. It’s still good, but doesn’t quite offer the level of interest it used to.

The Worn & Wound Podcast – this is another podcast that I subscribed and one which can feel similar week after week. It is professional with excellent audio and I like the participants, but it would be nice to hear some more controversial takes on the watch world because overall it does play it quite safe.

Spending Time Podcast – this one should be better than it is in my opinion. The audio quality and overall production is questionable at times, which is surprising from an organisation as big as A Blog To Watch, and the topics can be too narrow and rather over-focussed on detail to make for an interesting listen. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I do subscribe and often enjoy it with the caveat that from time to time I am somewhat disappointed by the experience.

Love ‘N Watches – I like that there is equal focus on watches for women and the intimate interaction between the two hosts will feel familiar to anyone who is married. In contrast to Spending Time though it can feel like a bit of a chat rather than a dig into the world of watches, it can feel too small if that makes sense. It does, however, provide enough entertainment to keep you going through each episode.

Two Broke Watch Snobs – at times hilarious and with a bent towards the more obscure. It flows as it should and there is a theme that seems to run from the end of one episode to the next, and that is a consistent view of the wider watch world which they take in their stride with aplomb. An excellent listen every time.

Scottish Watches – a good podcast has to, above all else, be formed from natural speakers who have little consideration for coming over in a specific way. It needs to feel like a chat between friends who have no hesitation in saying what they feel and who, at times, go over the limit on humour. To illustrate, Hodinkee offers the sense that they are playing to a professional audience and to the brands that they need for sponsorship, but these guys do not care a jot and say it as they want to (which is of course very much a Scottish trait). Scottish Watches really does feel like a couple of guys having a chat, but they know their stuff and they are not afraid to tackle issues that deserve to be tackled. Podcasts are like radio and the personality is king which is where this one shines. It is, in my opinion, by far the best balanced watch podcast available today which achieves the aim of education and entertainment in equal measure. The fact it is Scottish is an added bonus.

Note: I realise that there are many more watch podcasts and I will get to them one day, but there is only so much time for watch nerdery in my day.

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