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The latest edition of Wired UK magazine includes a supplement called WiredTime. It’s quite short, but worth a read if you think you will like the actual magazine. Ernest Jones are selling the Rado R22877025 for £720 at the moment… Read More ›

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  • The G-Shock GBD800

    Although the GBD800 is an insanely tough watch first, it contains plenty of fitness tracker capabilities to push it well past being your typical G-SHOCK offering. It fits nicely on your wrist thanks to a smooth design and ultralight feel,… Read More ›

  • Are homages completely awful? Yes…

    Yes, yes they are. I would go as far as to say that replica watches are more worthy than homage watches. A £10 watch that is what it is has more authenticity than an homage. There is literally no justification… Read More ›

  • Trying to avoid Rolex…

    Throughout my growing love of watches there has never been a moment when Rolex has figured in my path to enjoying the perfect ‘one watch collection’. There are many reasons for this including the price, the designs which feel too… Read More ›

  • La Barrichello

    Rubens Barrichello has always had a particular affection for watchmaking and the mechanism lying behind each timepiece. If we had to pick one word to reflect this design, it would be “technique”. It was an extraordinary challenge to reimagine this… Read More ›

  • Vintage watches in Brussels

    My wife and I visited Belgium last week and of course it would not be me if I didn’t take he opportunity to check out some watches I may not get to see otherwise. The plan was to visit just… Read More ›

  • Tudor Black Bay 36 review

    To tell the time, you’ll have to read a set of Tudor’s iconic “snowflake” hands. The easiest way to describe the hour hand is that it looks like a standard stick hand swallowed a diamond. The minutes hand is straight… Read More ›

  • The Anordain Model 1

    Anordain is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and was founded with a pretty simple mantra: “the appeal of a good mechanical watch lies in its ability to operate independently of the modern world.” With that in mind though, Anordain’s watches don’t… Read More ›

  • Bulova Thermatron Watch Hands-On

    Thermatron has little likelihood of coming back as it was originally intended, as a watch powered by changes in temperature. Some of the product’s most pressing technical challenges were never really overcome. I do, however, think the design of the… Read More ›

  • The Ideal Watch Size Survey Report

    I started this survey because I wanted to find out if there are any clear preferences for the size of a watch. The question of “what is the ideal size for a watch” has been thrown around for as long… Read More ›